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Societal Advisory Board

The consortium is supported by a Societal Advisory Board that represents stakeholders from society, business, and the political arena. The Board’s primary role is that of a Think Tank that secures the societal relevance of the research program. It also advises on opportunities for dissemination of the program’s findings.


The Societal Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Joost Broumels, Project Manager Innovation Social Domain at the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)

Thomas Dirkmaat, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Chairman Behavioral Insights Network NL

Casper van Ewijk, Director Netspar Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement

Paul Gardien, Vice President Philips Design

Wim van der Meeren, CEO Health Insurance Company CZ

Pauline Meurs, Chair Netherlands Council Public Health and Society (RVS)

Melanie Peters, Director Rathenau Institute

Maarten Schurink, Secretary General Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Hans Stapel, Manager Cooperative Affairs COOP Supermarkets

Mark van Twist, Director Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB)

Representative from RABO bank Netherlands