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Robert Dur in podcast of De Correspondent

What tools do we have to change people’s behavior? Can we motivate people with extrinsic rewards and punishments, or is intrinsic motivation the only driver for long-term behavior? Robert Dur…

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Launch of the campaign “direct duidelijk”

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) launched the campaign “direct duidelijk” on October 31. The campaign is aimed at all government…

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Autonomy, Detention and Smart Technology

The Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) and the Dutch Prison Services (DJI) of the Ministry of Justice and Security have a major interest in, and active research agenda on personal autonomy and self-reliance…

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Researching transformation through embodied design

Caroline Hummels gave a presentation on researching transformation through embodied design at the Kees Overbeeke symposium (TU/e; October 19, 2018). Late Professor Overbeeke was one of the pioneers of embodied…

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Panel discussion on Nudging and Manipulation

Denise de Ridder presented her views on nudging at the Science Café panel discussion on Nudging and Manipulation on October 15, 2018, organized by De Balie Amsterdam – a platform…

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Keynote Robert Dur at ‘Dag van het Gedrag’

On Thursday Oct 18, Robert Dur gave a keynote lecture at the ‘Dag van het gedrag’ (Day of Behavior) event, which was organized by the Dutch Behavioural Insights Network. Insights…

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Keynote lecture Paul Leseman: creativity is a situated skill

Paul Leseman was keynote speaker at the Symposium on Creativity from an Embodied-Situated Cognition Perspective, on October 5, 2018, organized by the interdisciplinary Utrecht Platform for Creativity and Education (UPCE, supported…

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Volkskrant interview Denise de Ridder

Denise de Ridder was interviewed by the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant about her work around Prompted Rationality on Monday October 8. You can read her article (in Dutch) here:  

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