Prompted Rationality

Affiliate Researchers

Researchers associated with the Consortium


Arwin van Buuren is Professor of Public Administration at EUR and Academic Director of the Erasmus Governance Design Studio that highlights experimental design-oriented research in public administration. He is also Academic Director of GovernEUR, the incubator of the Department of Public Administration and Sociology, and Program Manager of the Research Excellence Initiative RePolis in which the relation between community initiatives and governmental action stands central. Van Buuren’s research focuses on (co-)design for policy and governance, invitational governance and self-organization, collaborative governance and co-creation, as well as policy innovation and institutional change.


Albert Meijer is Professor of Public Management at UU and Academic Director of the Governance Lab Utrecht that specializes in innovative design in the public sector. Meijer is editor-in-chief of Information Polity and chair of the permanent study group in e-government of the European Group for Public Administration. Meijer’s research focuses on the role of technology and knowledge in the public sector, including transparency, smart cities, algorithms, and urban sustainability.


Peter Paul Verbeek is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Technology at Twente University and co-director of the Design Lab, which connects science to society via design and provides  an ecosystem for multidisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Verbeek holds strong ties with important (inter)national bodies as chair of UNESCO-COMEST (World Commission on the Ethics of Science and Technology), board member of the Rathenau Institute, and member of the NWO Council for Responsible Innovation.